According to some theories, Jen and Josh Hutcherson would be couple "if the zombie didn’t creep back in between them".

How unattractive is the short boy? 

He lost to a zombie.

Stop hating Nick and you will realize how ridiculous you are.

If you think Nick is not good enough then your boy must be worse so Jen chose a zombie but not him.


Someone said Joult is only a PR relationship. They did that for X-men Days of Future Past only.


1. Jen signed for three movies for both X-men and Hunger Games(and now four). I think Hunger Games should be on top priority.

2. We all know that YA -adapted movies need more PR relationship for teenager’s dream. (Twilight, City of Bones,Divergent..etc,)

3. Jen is leading actress of X-men but she is not as important as Sir Patrick Stewart/Sir Ian McKellen/James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender/Hugh Jackman. Why her to do PR relationship?
And Jen is the leading actress of THG and the most famous between three of them. She should bear the responsibility of promotion for the movie.

4. X-men DOFP is attractive enough. The cast (two Sir, Hugh, James, Michael and Jen) , the comic fan base, superhero movie…

I have a question.
Why Jen chose Nick for PR relationship ?

No matters what, she should choose Josh if she love him.



January 08, 2012 l March 13, 2014. Exactly the same look. That’s love. 3 years and going strong. :)

This could have been joshifer if the zombie didn’t creep back in between them!! Ahhhhhh!!!

If joshifer exists, it will happen during filming of Catching Fire. Remember Jen is single at that time. And Liongate can use the epic love for PR tool.

Unfortunately, Josh had an girlfriend and he didn’t break up with her. I can assume that he love her.

So Liongate didn’t do that because there is nothing between Jen and Josh. Even though Nicholas Hoult is not exist, they won’t be together.




Mockingjay is going to film in Europe.
Umm… Paris & London.

It is so convenient for Josh to go to Spain to find Claudia.
Josh must be happy.

no affence really I mean no harm but can u pls stay off our tagg with your downing comments pls and thank you :)

I ship their friendship.
I am so glad that they’re both happy in Europe. :p

P.S. You can read my other posts and see why I am mad on some shippers.



wellroundedandpracticallyperfect replied to your photo “So it looks like they may not have all been flying up Paris after all…”

They probably won’t start filming until tuesday as it’s bank holiday today & tomorrow. So maybe she stopped off on rout to spend easter with Nick & his family,…

Umm … So Jen is in London.