Just hate theories

Those theories said Jen took the fanpics for Josh and his fans. See their exciting face or “oh that girl didn’t look at the camera she must look at Jen” or “from the reflection I can see a blonde that must be Jen.” Lmao

If Josh is with girl other than Jen, they must be friends only or PR or work related. Even if a girl fly from Europe to US.

If Jen stay in LA (which is also her home now), she must be stay for Josh.

So confused.

Claudia is not stay with Josh even if she is in LA.

But Jen must be with Josh in every Hutcherson fanpics.

She took the photos.Or she was hiding in the toilet and nobody saw her.

(some) joshifer shippers logics.

[for reference]

Just to clarify some rumours.

1. the cheating rumour (the most stupid thing I ever heard)

The articles can be divided to two types, cheating with Kristen Stewart or Riley Keough.

The topic looked serious.

But the articles are mainly about Jen’s interview from June issue of Marie Claire.  


The “Riley” articles started from Page Six report.

In the original article, it just mentioned Nick sitting together with Riley and  other friends.

Charl Brown’s response

Nick and Riley are only good friend.

Moreover, she has a boyfriend that has worked for Mad Max and Catching Fire.

2. Josh Hutcherson and Jen sighting.

The rumour probably started from this fanpic.

"Just Katniss and Peeta hanging out together"

Since the girl doesn’t reply, some fans think she saw Jen and Josh.
But according to another fanpic from the same place, Josh was clearly with another girl that’s not Jen. I am not saying that’s his girlfriend Claudia, maybe just his friend Heather or whatever.